Dumbells 6mm

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The Dumbell range of products are perfect for today’s modern style of fishing. Not only are they exceptional for fishing on the method feeder with short hook-lengths, but they can also be used on the pole or on the pellet waggler when fishing shallow. The fruity flavours such as Sweetberry, Banan and Mango are great in the summer months for catching bream, tench and carp. The meaty flavours such as Krill and Garlic, Liver and Crab are better in the colder months, especially for bigger carp. Used in conjunction with the Carpmaster range of groundbaits, they are the perfect match.

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*00070 Dumbells Mango 6mm 25G/16
*00071 Dumbells Lever 6mm 25G/16
*00072 Dumbells Krill & Garlic 6mm 25G/16
*00073 Dumbells Banaan 6mm 25G/16
*00074 Dumbells Crab 6mm 25G/16
*00075 Dumbells Sweetberry 6mm 25G/16

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Mango, Sweetberry, Banana