Feeder Coarse 1kg

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Feeder COARSE **NEW 2023**

Feeder Coarse has been developed with the aim of offering a total range for Feeder anglers. Feeder Coarse is, as the name suggests, a coarse mix, this is the first coarse feeder feed that we release in our feeder range. During our testing phase we quickly noticed that this bait was going to be a nice all-rounder in terms of both catches and use. This groundbait is perfect for flowing and fast flowing waters.

A coarse groundbait has the advantage that it can be used in flowing and deep waters, but also that you get larger fish on it, because a coarse mix will be quicker active than a fine mix.

If this groundbait feels just a bit too coarse, you can grind it for a short period of time according to your own feeling or simply sieve out the coarse parts. You can soak the sieved pieces separately in a tub and when they have become soft, sieve them and add them to your mixture again.

Our test results showed the predominance of a (large) bonus fish, this way your fishery can get the decisiveness it needs. You can prepare the Feeder Coarse (coarse) in three times, so that your bait has enough time to absorb water and become nice and soft.

Which combinations can you definitely try?

1 part Feeder Coarse + 1 part G5 + 1 pack Bream Caramel

If only roach is present: use G5 special + 1 pack of Rotaugen classic

For a mixed fishery: bream caramel/ bream supersweet/ Vanilla etc..

1 part Feeder Coarse + 1 part Record Sweet + 1 pack Bream Caramel

The record sweet sticks well and this makes this mix ideal if you want to fish far and deep.

Towards the colder period, we have noticed that the following combination is effective:

1 part Feeder Coarse + 1 part feeder Bream + some Bream Caramel according to your own taste, 1 teaspoon super sweet per kg and black coloring (Magic Colour black)


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