Feeding Pellet 1kg

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Производот го нема на залиха

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Our feeding pellet is a sinking type that is perfect for cupping, throwing or shooting with the catapult. You can also use it in a bait band, it stays in it for x number of minutes.

The Feeding pellet will attract fish very quickly. It consists of a base of natural raw materials and does not contain fishmeal. For an example, a baby corn pellet is certainly known, but it takes a while before you get a paste and with our feeding pellet you get it faster. Once in the water, the pellet breaks down quite quickly, which makes it an ideal product for fishing for those F1s.

Due to the effect of the pellet, those F1s in the upper layers eat the loosening particles, making it easier to fish for those F1s between the two layers of water.

*00098 Feeding pellets 1kg/12