Expo 1kg

240,00 ден

*30105 Expo 1kg/12



EXPO  is a semi-heavy bottom bait manufactured the same as secret. The bait is suitable for roach, bream and tench. An addition of maggots, midge larvae and casters is necessary. When the fish are not biting, surprising results can still be achieved. Expo is usually used pure and is suitable for match angling, moreover, EXPO can be made lighter with Special and heavier with Record Sweet or Silver. Expo was created after the 1969 world championships in Bad-Oldesloë (West Germany), where we won the silver thanks to Expo.

Tip: Pre-targeted for difficult fishing and can also be used for match angling and quivertip angling:

2kg expo + 1kg special + 125 bream or vanilla and 125 gram rotaugen, be wet in three times.

*30105 Expo  1kg/12