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After the success of our elite pellet, we did not experiment further.
Soon we noticed that every pellet was fishmeal containing and that something new was waiting here.
With this thinking, after the necessary development time, we developed our hook pellet.
The 1st pellet in our angling sector that does not contain fishmeal; but does contain all the advantages of our elite pellet but with an even greater advantage that this is a heavier but neutral/white coloured and fragrant pellet. This gives an advantage for a colour change on a dark bottom.
The hook pellet can ensure that you can create an interesting variation in your fishing.
So during the fishing session, you can use 1 pellet with fishmeal and after bite, put 1 pellet without fishmeal on the hook.
Thus, you can create an ideal attraction by applying alternate fishing.
The neutral stance of the hook pellet allows you to adapt it to any circumstance.
You can give it any colour you want and also any flavour according to the season, place and fish species.
For the preparation method, the following can be observed:
As Expander: simply submerge the pellets sufficiently well in water in a cooled place one evening before fishing, we always calculate a volume of 1 inch of water above the pellets.
As Softie extruder : the night before fishing, just submerge the pellets for a while, then drain them through a colander and let them soften overnight in a closed container.

As a hard pellet in the bait band: soak the pellets at the water’s edge for 10 minutes and pour them off. Perfectly ready for use in no time and with the use of a Bait Band Tool right on your hook!
Due to its structure and treatment method, this pellet lends itself perfectly to ‘boosting’, allowing each angler to add their personal flavour and fragrance, both during and after preparation! This way, everyone can get to the waterfront with a “different” pellet.
One last tip! Don’t throw away your softies after the fishing day! Just cover them with moist paper from kitchen roll and keep them in the fridge for your next fishing day! We wish you lots of fishing and catching fun with these revolutionary pellets!

*00090 Hookpellet 2MM 500Gr/10
*00088 Hookpellet 4.5MM 500Gr/10
*00091 Hookpellet 6MM 500Gr/10
*00092 Hookpellet 8MM 500Gr/10

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