Concentraten 100gr

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Our range of MVDE products contains concentrates. To explain as generally as what the products are, we define the best of all the name “concentrates” = something very strong smelling and / or tasting; concentrated. You can use the concentrates for the whitefish as for carp

Concentrates are additives or additives that can be used to make the food extra appetizing.

We recommend using a weight of 10 grams per kg of dry bait. Adding concentrates is best done with lukewarm, warm water. The heat makes aromas much better reflected and consequently these are more strongly perceived by the fish.

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*00220 Concentraat strawberry 100gr/1
*00221 Concentraat Superzoet/Super doux/Supersweet/Supersüss 100gr/1
*00225 Concentraat Tutti-frutti 100gr/1
*00310 Concentraat Intens Sweet 100gr/1
*00311 Concentraat Lacto 100gr/1
*00312 Concentraat Coconut 100gr/1
*00313 Concentraat Exotic 100gr/1
*00314 Concentraat Amandel 100gr/1
*00315 Concentraat Vanille 100gr/1
*00316 Concentraat Vanileen 100gr/1
*00317 Concentraat fruit 100gr/1
*00318 concentraat Brasem 100gr/1
*00319 concentraat Caramel 100gr/1
*00320 Concentraat Chewing 100gr/1
*00322 Concentraat Anise 100gr/1

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