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  • River ace

    This bag with the inscription River Ace, which at first glance will fascinate you with its design in the style of the flag of Great Britain, will tell you where its recipe probably comes from. Yes exactly! This groundbait was developed by leading British competitors under the MVDE flag.

    From my point of view, this groundbait is the river cousin of the famous turbo classic black, which is popular by many world leading competitors. It is similar in color, smell, even in texture. But what is different is the composition and in this case it becomes a groundbait that meets certain specific conditions. Due to its properties, this compound groundbait is perfect for fishing in strong streams.

    River Ace groundbait is offered in two colors. Specifically in black and brown-red. Both of these variants are relatively dark, which from my point of view on dark ground does not arouse as much mistrust in the fish as the light color.

    The aroma is lightly sweet, corresponding to the components used. Anyone who has used Turbo will know the aroma of this mixture.

    The structure of the River Ace mixture is medium gross, so it does not contain any significant large particles. However, due to its composition, the mixture is very sticky and heavy, making it an ideal choice for draft and deep waters.

    In case of its properties, I would use this groundbait as a basic mix. That means “as a mix indicating the structure of the resulting mixture aimed at catching the fish of the stream (vimba bream, bream, chub, Common nase, barble…etc.).


    • 1kg River Ace Black
    • 0,5kg Feeder Cheese & Garlic
    • Cca 150gr Sinking Crumbs Yellow/Red/Black



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