Gold-Pro Big River 1kg

270,00 ден


Gold pro Big River *new 2024*

We decided to add a coarse variant in the Gold Pro Range. when you open the bag, the pleasant aroma will already meet you. As the name suggests, this product is tuned for use on rivers and canals (whether or not fast-flowing).

It is a really coarse feed and this has the advantage that it can be used in flowing and deep waters, but also that you will get bigger fish on it because it will ”work” faster than a fine feed that is more likely to cloud.

If this feed feels just a little too coarse, you can grind it for a small period to your own liking or simply sieve out the coarse parts. You can let the sieved out pieces soak separately in a jar and when they have softened, sieve them to pieces and add them to your mixture again.

You can easily use the Gold Pro Big River pure but we recommend the following mix:

1 part Gold Pro Big River + 1 part Turbo + 1 part Brasem Caramel (in winter – in summer we recommend Brasem Supersweet)

Prepare the Gold Pro Big River in three times, this will give your bait enough time to absorb water and soften nicely.

*30057 Gold – Pro Classic 1kg/12
*30090 Gold – Pro Geel/Jaune/Yellow/Gelb 1kg/12
*30093 Gold pro black  1kg/12
*30094 Gold pro Big River *new 2024* 1kg/12