Sticky Method Mix 900gr

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We decided with our method team to create a new Sticky Method mix. the search for the right ratio was challenging but we managed to bring together the right pellets. We deliberately chose to mix different pellets among each other because different anglers achieved positive results with all the different test pellets, so it seemed logical to us to mix them all together. The biggest advantage with the different pellets is that the speckling also stands out in the water and will give the fish an extra trigger.

How do you prepare this mix them? Put the amount of pellets you need in a jar. Fill the jar with water at the level of the pellets. It is best to let the pellets soak in water for 4 minutes* and then pour it off. Afterwards, you can always moisten with liquid booster or water to obtain extra adhesive power. The advantage of adding some liquid booster after the 4-minute soak is that it works instantly and creates a stronger aroma cloud that will attract the fish faster.

When fishing deep ponds or on days when there is a lot of wind on the water, you can use these to get a more centred position when cupping the pellets.

*You don’t need to pour them off, they absorb all the water.

An extra tip: the pellets absorb the water so well that it is interesting to add a liquid booster to the water. The flavouring will soak into the core of the pellets.

If you want to use a liquid booster for more all-round fishing, it is best to use the Liquid booster Strawberry, Scopex or Syrup.