Gold-Pro Classic / Gold-Pro Red 1kg

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Gold pro

GOLD PRO is the name of 3 basic groundbaits in different colors. GOLD PRO is a magnet for bream, roach, crucian carp, carp and tench.

Може да се користи насекаде, освен за екстремно длабоки и силно протечни води.


Popular mix!
мирни води
Easily flowing waters
Shallow water
Possible combinations: Vijver geel 1Kg, Secret, Brasem caramel 250gram, Record zilver, Leem, Record goud, Supercup, Superlake, beet, Kastaar, Big fish
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Our offer consists of:

*30057 Gold – Pro Classic 1kg/12
*30090 Gold – Pro Geel/Jaune/Yellow/Gelb 1kg/12
*31020 Gold – Pro Red  1kg/12
*30094 gold pro Big River *new 2024 1kg/12

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Gold Pro Classic, Gold Pro Red