Sticky Method Pellet 1kg

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Method Sticky pellets are selected pellets that are specifically aimed at method fishing. How do you prepare them? You put the amount of pellets you need in a tub. Fill the tub with water at the height of the pellets. Let the pellets soak in for about 15 to 20 minutes and they are ready.

When you are fishing on deep lakes or on days when there is a lot of wind on the water you can use this to get a more centered place when cupping the pellets.

You don’t need to drain them, they absorbed all the water.

An extra tip: the pellets absorb the water so well that it is interesting to add a liquid booster to the water. The flavoring will penetrate into the core of the pellets.

If you want to use a liquid booster for more all-round fishing, it is best to use the Liquid booster Strawberry, Scopex or Syrup.

*00097 Sticky Method Pellets 2MM 1kg/12
*00098 Sticky Method Pellets 4.5MM 1kg/12

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