Supercarp Strawberry 1kg

250,00 ден



Our Supercarp range has been in our range since the 1990s and came about because, certainly from the 2000s onwards, carp fishing was gaining ground all over Europe.

The Supercarp range consists of two versions, 1 with fishmeal and 1 without. Both mixes differ hard from each other, but as a common feature they are two heavy and sticky mixes.  

They will therefore disintegrate very slowly and because they have such sustained activity on the bottom they will know how to attract even the shyest fish.

Use 0.5 – 0.6 litres of water to moisten 1 kg of bait. Pour 1 kg of bait into a feeding bowl and add ¼ of the water to your mix while stirring vigorously. Let the water soak for 5 to 15 min. Now repeat the 2 previous steps until all the water is worked up.

Is the bait still sticking too hard, have you sifted the feed? Adding a percentage of chapelure can sometimes work wonders. Looking for a good base to combine your mix with? Then be sure to use our Pond yellow 1 kg in winter or our Skimmer mix 1 kg in summer.If you want to make the mix coarser, feel free to add 200 grams of our VDE Elite pellet, submerge separately for 2 minutes and ready to add.

 If you use Supercarp strawberry, we recommend adding BS20 in combination with additional strawberry additive.

You can find more info on this ratio under the product group additives and BS20.

*30040 Supercarp Strawberry 1kg/12
*30041 Supercarp Fishmeal 1kg/12