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The team of Marcel Van Den Eynde has decided to bring the stimulators back in range. The stimulators are offered in jars of 100 grams and are an ideal finish for your bait.

Why are stimulators now such a good finish? As you can already deduce from the word “stimulators”, they are products that are characterized for stimulating action – or appetite stimulants; they will stimulate the fish to search for the bait source. In this way the surrounding fish will be kept at your feeding place. To notice the effect of this product, you can take a look at the end of the fish session. We note that these products are very popular with especially the larger fish, especially the carp.

The use of stimulators is a personal choice, we recommend using a 10 gram per kilogram of bait (these are two teaspoons). Stimulators you can apply in any way. You can add the stimulators in your bait mixture, on your (already prepared) particles, if you cook kemp, over your loam, in your boiliemix, you can sprinkle them over your pellets …

Our range consists of the following types:

*00323 Stimulator Lacto  100gr/1
*00324 Stimulator Coconut  100gr/1
*00325 Stimulator Exotic  100gr/1
*00326 Stimulator Amandel  100gr/1
*00327 Stimulator Vanille  100gr/1
*00328 Stimulator Vanileen  100gr/1
*00329 Stimulator Fruit  100gr/1
*00330 Stimulator Brasem  100gr/1
*00331 Stimulator Caramel  100gr/1
*00332 Stimulator Chewing  100gr/1
*00333 Stimulator Tutti Frutti  100gr/1
*00334 stimulator Strawberry  100gr/1

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