Turbo 2kg

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This groundbait is absolutely one of the most popular mixes in our range. TURBO CLASSIC was designed with the cooperation of Phillipe Carroyer (1992), Belgian International angler for many years. This groundbait is extremely all-round and will attract virtually every fish-species that is present in Europe. You could call TURBO CLASSIC a medium heavy groundbait. When your fishing conditions require a slightly heavier mix it’s ideal to add a percentage of RECORD ZILVER or RECORD GOUD, when you require a slightly lighter mix a percentage of SUPERCUP or SPECIAL is the perfect addition.

Many European waters are becoming more and more clean and this results in clear waters. Especially in the colder winter-months when all the algues are disappearing as well this is the case. Therefore there is a quickly rising demand for darker groundbaits. Black is the colour that is most in demand. TURBO ZWART (black) is exactly the same groundbait as the TURBO CLASSIC but this time in a black colour. The perfect solution when the waters you fish are clear.

Turbo is a very versatile groundbait making it ideal to use when fishing.



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